All our trucks & trailers feature on board engine management systems, live GPS tracking. Our equipment is maintained and managed by our professional mechanics both in house and on the road. All equipment is mandatory checked before and after use.

Doolan’s platform trailers combine flexibility with exceptional stable towing capabilities. These trailers are specifically designed for moving extremely heavy and difficult loads.

Our versatile range of platform trailers are all modular and therefore fully customizable to suit the specifications of individual loads, enabling different configurations for plant, equipment, beam transportation and much more.

Our Modular Platform Trailers can be made up into a variety of combinations to accommodate on-site or on-road transport requirements, with:

  • 60° steering angle
  • 36 tonne per axle line
  • From 5 to 12 axles
  • 9 metre low bed deck with 580mm travel height
  • Operational widths of 3.50, 3.85, 4.20, 4.55, 4.90 metres

Doolan’s have over 300 lines of Drake Steerable Low Loaders up to 13 x8.

Our comprehensive fleet of late model Low Loader Trailers consist of deck widening and full widening trailers up to a maximum width of 4.6m incorporating;

  • Tri Axle (3×4) Trailers with a maximum carrying capacity up to 30 Tonne, some fitted with 20′ container lock pins
  • Quad Axle (4×4) Trailers with a maximum carrying capacity up to 50 Tonne, some fitted with 40′ container lock pins
  • Tri Axle (3×8) Trailers with a maximum carrying capacity up to 70 Tonne

With an extendable loading platform, our Faymonville TeleMAX flatbed semi-trailer is ideally suited for the transport of particularly bulky or long loads up to 55 metres. Its lightweight design, greater steering angle and low loading platform height furthermore guarantee optimum manoeuvrability with the highest possible payload.

Our Steerable Jinkers trailers allow very long loads to be transported with relative ease. All our equipment has latest technology remote control steering to allow ease of use.

Self-propelled trailers are like platform trailers but are operated using a motorised power pack unit. All axles are individually controllable such as to distribute weight evenly and steer accurately. Our SPTs are used for moving components that are excessively large and / or heavy for transport via conventional trailers.

Doolan’s Vessel Trailers are suitable for any load where the article is high, wide or requires support over its whole length, these trailers can steer from the rear to negotiate tight bends.

Doolan’s has an extensive and diverse fleet to meet any transport scenario, including the following vehicles:

  • Prime-Movers
  • Tilt-trays
  • Dollies
  • Pilot Vehicles
  • Service Trucks
  • VMS Vehicles

Through our subsidiary Machinery Movers we provide alternative heavy lifting equipment.

  • 320 and 500 Tonne Gantry Systems – For specialised work or tight situations, our hydraulic gantry systems can proved a safe lift capacity up to 500 tonnes.
  • Modular Platform Trailers – The Scheurle Wide Combi modular trailer can be made up into a variety of different combinations to accomodate any on-site or on-road transport requirement
  • Jacking and Skidding